ACNE BE GONE (10mL roll-on)

ACNE BE GONE (10mL roll-on)

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You wake up and see that ONE pimple that has surfaced? Or do you suffer with some acne breakouts on your face or body? Sometimes those acne spot treatments can be very harsh and obviously filled with a bunch of toxins that really don’t do your skin any good. Look no further. This natural blend of 100% essential oils and jojoba oil is gentle on your skin, yet kills the bacteria that causes acne. You will be looking in the mirror watching the Acne Be Gone. 

Added Essential Oil Spiritual & Skin Benefits of Acne Be Gone

Petitgrain: Invigorating and uplifting, while calming, restoring and deodorizing.

Petitgrain oil is good for maintaining the moisture and oil balance of the skin as well as for treating acne, pimples, abnormal sweating (for those who suffer from nervousness), dryness and cracking of the skin.

Rosemary: Calming, strengthening, centering, opening, inspiring, while clearing the mind and enhancing memory.

Rosemary oil is an antioxidant, which gives it anti-aging properties. Additionally, it will help prevent damage to your skin from environmental agents. Rosemary has a stimulating effect on skin. It improves circulation, which means that this oil can help reduce puffiness by removing excess water from the skin.

Tea Tree: Cleansing, purifying and warming.

Tea tree oil can be used on the face to treat skin conditions such as spots, pimples, blemishes, dryness, infections and other medical conditions such as dandruff and dry scalp. The oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which make it ideal for treating and soothing skin conditions.