Roll-On Blends

Roll-on blends are a simple way of applying essential oils onto your body for topical application.

These roll-on blends are in 10mL size glass bottles topped with a stainless steel ball top. This means that the oil stays in the bottle and only comes out onto the roller ball once applied to the skin. This makes it a clean, neat way to easily apply your oil blends to your body. 

Here are just some of the reasons roller blends are so great:

  • Roll-on blends are convenient, easy to use and can go wherever you go. They can be easily carried with you in a purse, backpack or your pocket. 
  • Roll-on blends have a strong aroma so you can enjoy the aromatherapy properties of the oils more.
  • Roll-on blends have the benefits of both worlds with being inhaled and also applied to the skin.
  • Roll-on blends are simple. Diffusing oils require you needing an outlet readily available and water.
  • Roll-ons are made just for you. You roll them on your body and you breathe it in so they don't affect others around you.