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Majority of us are not connected with our inner souls truth of understanding where our own thoughts, emotions, behaviours and habits stem from. If we understood ourselves on a deeper level, think about how we would perceive ourselves, our outside world, and how we would react to those difficult situations that present themselves in our life.

This type of mindset led me to my passion to mentoring those who want to tap into there inner truth, through Soul Journey Readings and my Soul Journey Mentor Program.

It is not important to want to know what the future holds, because the future is not even promised to us. Let's focus on the present moment, the NOW, since that should be our priority. How we react in this moment is significantly import. Why? Our vibrational energy, in this moment, will contribute to what we may attract in future experiences. So even though we may not have the ability to predict our future, we can certainly set the intentions for the type of energy we want to attract.

Everything speaks through Energy.
Our experiences are reflections of Our energy.


So why wouldn't you want to put in the effort to learn how to understand your own energy.



I bring to the surface your inner truth. This allows you to perceive the reading with your own perception. Our life journey is unique to each of us.

We may have similar paths, but we all do not take the same steps.

If we are being told how to live our life, through a reading, then how do we learn from our own, individual experiences.

My goal is to guide you into being able to use your own intuitive abilities throughout your life journey, to access the answers you seek.

Your Own Choices = Your Own Experiences

I am just a messenger connecting you to Your own inner souls truth. Relaying the messages back to you that you are struggling to access, within this moment.

(Each reading is done through video, a private YouTube link just for you. This way, you can watch your video on your own time.)

**These are "GUIDANCE" readings. The intention to awaken your conscious to your souls truth.**



This involves understanding emotional triggers, inner child awareness and healing, also seeking your inner truth. In life, there are two perceptions on how we view life, consciously and unconsciously. Majority of us go about life unconsciously. We just go day by day, routine by routine, not really understanding yourselves and others. When we 'awaken' to our inner truth, our perception on everything changes. We understand everything on a deeper level.

This isn't an easy process. First, we need to tap into where and how your patterns were created, then we evolve from there. Accepting the thoughts and emotions that will be triggered by this inner work is where the healing journey begins.

Allow me to.....

Awaken to Your Souls Truth


**This program are for those who truly want to put in the work to heal from their inner pain and evolve into the Beings they are meant to be.**
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Love & Blessings,
Angel Jacqueline