Incense Products

Incense is not only a room or air freshener with a pleasant smell, but it has many physical and psychological benefits and spiritual effects on our minds and bodies.

But you’re probably wondering:

What are the effects of Incense on body and mind? Is incense good or bad for your health?

Here are the top 11  benefits of burning Incense:

  1. Acts as an air freshener
  2. Enhancing Concentration & Focus
  3. Stimulations Creativity
  4. Increasing Motivation & Positive Energy
  5. Boosting Confidence
  6. Heightening Sexual Desire
  7. Preventing Infections
  8. Relieving Headaches
  9. Fighting Depression
  10. Reducing Anxiety & Tension
  11. Aids Insomnia


**When looking for spiritual guidance with using incense, refer to our Incense Intentions page to understand the intentions used with each incense pack.**

All incenses are reiki infused and moonlight energy charged.

*These incense are not to cure or replace medical diagnosis/treatment. They are for intention setting purposes.*