Gemstone Intention Bracelets

All bracelets are crafted with intention, cleansed with sage, infused with reiki and charged with moon energies. They are also made when purchased.
Allow 3-5 business days to complete order before being shipped.
They come in the standard size for women of roughly 6.5" (27-28 beads) and for men of roughly 8” (29-30 beads).
(if you need a specific size, contact HERE)
Due to the nature of the materials, please note that all of the beads may have different shades of color and markings. 
Each finding is of 925 silver and 14k gold filled.


If interested in creating your own design, 
contact HERE to get a quote. 
*If product is sold out and you are still interested,
contact me and let’s see what can be arranged.*