Why Every Woman Needs To Be Beating Her Drum

Why every woman needs to be beating her drum… It's because:

1. She has the right to create the space to be truly, powerfully authentic – everywhere in her life.

2. Her message is unique and valuable and the world is longing to hear it.

3. She is a goddess, a warrior, a powerful woman.

4. She has had enough of holding herself back.

5. Her voice counts!

6. She has the right to transform her life so that it resonates with her, and to do this with ease and grace.

7. She is worthy of the great love from herself.

8. Her relationships are important and her being clear about her own needs and expressing them in an empowering way means – everyone wins.

9. Taking care of herself first means that she can then truly make a difference with others.

10. She deserves to create the results she wants in all areas of her life.

11. She was born to be full of joy and to feel alive.

~ Leanne Babcock

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