What's the difference between "mature" vs. "immature" masculine energy?

MY ANSWER: Well, for starters, a person with "mature" masculine energy won't reject emotions and feelings as "needy" fictions that just get in the way of a good time.


In other words, an essential characteristic of "mature masculinity” is a healthy respect for “feminine” ways of being.


Also, someone who is “mature in their masculine" will neither desperately grasp at nor attack feminine energy.


They won’t use (or abuse) their partner in attempts to fill their own emptiness or quiet their own demons, nor will they label her (or him) as weak or needy simply because they routinely have feelings.


There are countless examples in life where immature – and immature femininity, too – reveals itself.


In popular entertainment, music and film especially, the consistent message is essentially, "I need you to complete me" ... emphasis on “need.” That is a sure sign of both immature masculine and feminine ways of being.


Also, the role of institutions such as government or religion, are dominated by an immature masculinity that does not have a healthy respect for feminine being.


For example, a lot of government policy and religious doctrine attempts to control the female body, or portray it as threatening – well, this is done to all physical bodies, including the earth body – by limiting access to birth control and abortion, outlawing prostitution, and even demonizing and criminalizing natural medicinal plants like mushrooms, ayahuasca, marijuana, etc. that are now being scientifically shown to be effective in helping heal all kinds of mental illness, from PTSD to depression (a healing which I personally experienced).


Many government leaders attain and stay in power through calculating strategies devoid of or dishonoring of the feminine values of collaboration and nurturing care for the whole community. Another example of immature masculine expression.


Also, business, like politics, has become an immature masculine game of “do whatever it takes to win.”


As long as one’s actions are not outright illegal – or illegal action is possible without getting caught – the immature masculine ethos will go for it regardless of the negative consequences suffered by others.


This is largely why our oceans are filling up with plastic and cities like Beijing sometimes can’t breathe.


Because the "immature" masculine doesn't care about the body, including Mother Earth's body.


The "immature" masculine in an individual is only concerned with individual triumph and has no respect for the balancing feminine expression of caring for the whole community.


In intimate relationship, this all shows up, too. An immature masculine person will be frightened of and/or try to control, resist, exploit the feminine energy present in both himself and his partner.


And so on …


Is that illuminating?


~ Bryan Reeves


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