The Purest Way to Love

When you love someone in the purest way, it's limitless. All the mind's conditioning just drops at this point. You just cherish them; there's a sense of joy and being grateful for this experience. Whether they're by your side or not - does not matter, because you only wish them to be happy, fulfilled, to live up to their highest potential. You cherish and care for them as if you took care of a flower in the garden: gently, openly, with all your presence. You don't desire to grasp, control or limit anything because you know that you don't own the flower. Your biggest joy is simply to witness it grow with all your presence and support. You let it flourish into its individual and most beautiful expression, simply grateful to witness this wonder of a blossoming flower. The ability to be with someone in such a way, to love like that, appears naturally as you recognise yourself and feel no more need to be fulfilled in any way by others.


~ Rani


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