The Lie of Happiness

We are not meant to feel happy and inspired all the time. We are not meant to be joyful and full of energy all the time. We are not mean to be “up” all the time. 

The Unconscious has no interest in being "up". It only wants Truth.

Our hearts are so vast and can hold so much life; so much sorrow and loneliness as well as joy. We are meant to feel down sometimes! We are meant to touch into the depths of human sorrow sometimes. To feel disconnected, lost and without answers sometimes. These are also sacred experiences. And portals to compassion.

For the deeper we touch into our own pain, the more we can understand the pain of our brothers and sisters. 

It is imperative that we make room for the so-called “negative” aspects of psyche. If we feel down, let’s feel down, completely! If we feel lonely, let’s learn to lean a little into our loneliness. If we feel lost, let’s allow “the lost one” in, allow her to come home to us. 

Instead of rushing for quick fixes, distractions and solutions, let’s open our hearts to the ‘unloved’ parts inside.

The pressure to be “up” all the time is literally making people sick. The pressure to feel "inspired and positive and energized 24/7” is murdering souls. 

Slow down, today, friend. Have the courage to touch into the dark places now - the loneliness, the rage, the boredom, the 'negative' and 'unwanted' energies inside. You will discover, they are really full of intelligence, full of beauty and creativity – and full of Light! 

~ Jeff Foster

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