The Joy of Loneliness

“I am lonely. So very lonely,” she told me one day.

"Please, tell me of your loneliness", I said.

“Nothing can help me, you see. No person. No substance.
No experience the world has to offer.
Everything offers only brief respite.
I soon plunge back into my own loneliness.
Where nothing and no-one can reach me.

On this tiny planet spinning in infinite night,
I am lonesome. I feel far from wherever things are.
I have not been able to escape this feeling.
I think it has been with me since the beginning of time.

But then, I tell myself, I must turn towards this desolation.
Let me no longer be ashamed or frightened of my alienation.
Let me own it, hold it close.
And let me cry out into the clear air:

Let me hear the power in my own cry.
Let my song reverberate throughout the whole damn world.
Let all my lonely brothers and sisters hear:

And then, in my loneliness, I am not alone.
In my desolation, I am together with everyone.
With all those lonely hearts.
Separate, but never apart. Beating together.
Divided, but indivisible, from the sun, the sea, the sky, the moon and her madness.

There is dignity in my loneliness, I tell you.
It is so alive. So present.
It keeps me close to my humility.
It reminds me of the nearness of miracles.

No, I do not want to lose my loneliness!
I wish to be lonely for the rest of my days.
Lonely like the oceans. Lonely like a star.

Love me, please, but do not take away my loneliness!”

Oh, she taught me so much about love.

~ Jeff Foster

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