The Great Loneliness, the Great Salvation

Your trauma is your unique portal to the sacred.

To the Absolute. To the Divine. 
To the Safety of yourself.  

Here is the paradox:
Right at the heart of trauma,
right at the core of the Great Loneliness,
there is a place
that was never traumatised, 
never broken, never damaged,
and deeply connected to ALL THERE IS.

At the core of the Great Loneliness, 
you have found your true Self, absolute, 
ever-present, innocent, whole. 
Unbroken. Unbreakable. Eternal.

You have flushed the deepest wound with love.
You have inhabited it. Illuminated it. 
You have brought your astonishing light 
to the darkest place, order to chaos. 

You have befriended the monster inside,
and now she sleeps soundly at your feet.  

You have conquered the forces of darkness,
slayed the great armies of fear and shame,
and won the heart of the one you love:

The ‘inner child’ is no monster 
– she is the most precious one. 
She was only raging for your embrace.  

~ Jeff Foster

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