Love Is A Dance That Is Shared Between Two In Perfect Rhythm And Joy

The appreciation and closeness of a dear one is like a dance. When you're close to someone you must pay attention to the rhythm, the beats of reality that lead and follow a flow. Is it a dance of love with the one you're with. In communicating with people, the musical chords of reality need to be one that both share in agreement for enjoyment.


Oh, but the power of being in love and enjoying the symphony of life itself. That is how two hearts share their time and intimacy, never stepping on each other's toes and never tripping. The rhythm of love and appreciation is for two souls dancing and adapting to the newer music as each generation passes, by learning to dance and still be close.


Maintain your zest of love for each other because love could add so much to the time you spend on Earth and can amplify who you are. Dear souls, value your partners because love can be so magic. And if you do not care to dance any longer you may choose to find a new partner and the new dancehall. For the soul always likes to dance and be in the flow of life.


Take heed to know when you’re being shackled, because you cannot dance in shackles.


Take time to listen to the music of your life and find joy.


~ Quential


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