Jealousy Poisoned the Sisterhood

It creeps in and destroys friendships. It turns women against one another. It can strangle a mother daughter relationship and instil a fear or hatred of other women.

It can show up masked as something else- anger, a projection, disconnection, disgust, dislike, etc.

We are on the same team, women. We don't have to compete, there is enough men and abundance for everyone. When you win, I win. When I win, you win. We rise by lifting one another up. Women are meant to be family to one another.

If jealousy arises- have the self awareness to own it and work through it with transparency. Don't project on the other person, try to tear them down, copy or steal from them, or sabotage a sacred friendship, or another woman’s shining. We all deserve to shine, and most likely if she's shining she worked her butt off to get there. Honor that. Work towards that. Thank her for guiding the way. Thank her for showing you where you can love your self more.

Lean in. Come closer. Heal together.

If you turn away, keeping and believing in your own projections, the poison will continue to eat you slowly from the inside. It will keep you separate. It will ruin your next friendship. It will keep you down, and your sisters and your daughters down.

This is our responsibility to end. It ends with us.

We have all suffered from the suppressive program of unworthiness, and we are all breaking that spell, one thought, emotion and action at a time. We heal each other, and we heal ourselves.

We thrive together and suffer alone. We are not meant to put all our energy into our individualistic lives and try to create a new future by ourselves. We are not meant to drown in our work or partnerships.

We are meant to be supported and nourished by a tribe of women that have our backs. Women that are self responsible enough to own their shadows when they creep in, and devoted enough to work through them, together.

We grow and learn from one another.

Paving new pathways takes courage and humility, but it is what will bring us back to the royal garden.

True sisterhood is our birthright, and it's time to claim in every way.

With a lot of love.

~ Naia Leigh

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