Holding Ourselves

It is easy to hold ourselves when life is flowing

When we are riding on one of the waves of ease and flow,

Here we feel confidant

Here we feel powerful

Here we feel that life is for us and not against us!


When we are on cloud nine it is easy to forget the other side of the coin

The part of life which does not feel this way


Yet we all know that it is there

The days filled with resistance

Filled with challenges

With fear

With doubt...

These are the days where our relationship with oursleves truly come to be tested!


Here we see how big our capacity is when it comes to showing up for ourselves

How well are we actually capable of holding ourselves?


Many of us did not learn the art of holding ourselves growing up

And in life we see many wounded children trying to be adults, incapable of showing up from a place of love for themselves and others, which leads to continuously causing wounding within and around oneself


The practice of self-love is in many ways growing up

It is holding oneself

It is self responsibility

And it is self compassion


It is understanding your own wounds and how to tend to them


It is showing up when you feel like giving up and avoiding


It is giving yourself love when you think you do not deserve it at all


It is looking and turning within, instead of chasing and expecting love and healing from the world around


It is becoming more and more comfortable and less afraid of your own darkness and depth


It is being the parent you needed but never had, and gifting yourself the experiences you never had of being held and met!


... This is exactly the space we need to learn to hold and create for ourselves!


A space where we can grow into our own space holder, so we can hold ourselves with love, compassion and care!


So we can finally get to experince what we yearn for deep within and have been searching for all along!


And so we finally can feel safe enough to unfold completely in life and be and hold all that we are!


Let us start with the art of holding ourselves, Let us start with self-love,

The art of becoming our own loving parent, Holding the loving space we need and deserve.


~ Zoe Johansen

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