Forget About Living Your Best Life

Love the life you actually have. Love your errands. Love your day job. Love the conversations that are awkward. Love the long way home that traffic forced you to take. Love the pain in your heart that won’t go away. 

Life can be hard, but we make it so much harder by wanting to live a “best life,” as if this one weren’t enough, as if there weren’t miracles on each street corner, as if there were anything more to the idea of a “best life” than revenge, resentment, and a desire to make others jealous. And what do we gain from making others jealous? Does it help us breathe more deeply, experience a sunset more fully, or heal more quickly? 

You don’t need a best life. You need a daily life. You need a little time and space in which to gather together small moments of appreciation and see them grow. And you have that, no matter how hard you’re working, so don’t let your schedule be an excuse for not tending to your mind. You are going to think today. You can think about all the topics of “self-improvement” that leave you feeling horrible, or you can develop gratitude for your life as it actually is. You have a human form. Start there. 

Do you understand how precious that is? With it, you can choose your thoughts, your attitude, and therefore your destiny. You’re in the Major League. It doesn’t matter that balls are whizzing past your head or that you aren’t best on the field. You’re still in the game, not on the bench. What a thrill! Say it again: You’re still in the game.

~ Paul Weinfield

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