By Victoria Erickson

You keep telling me about moderation. 

That a little is enough. 

But sometimes for some of us, a little is not enough. Because, when it comes to something like wild walks or vulnerability or truth or heart-racing conversation or ecstatic contemplation or mind bending intimacy or all that catapults us into the flow, form and timelessness of our own aliveness, I am telling you that we deserve more than moderation.

You see, I still believe in some moderation. 

But mostly, I believe in throwing moderation and self-doubt into the wind at times, so we can lose ourselves to become our better selves by tipping down toward that glorious side that allows us to catapult toward our cravings. 

It is there where we'll find our rhythm. 

Where we'll lose our chains, and rise. 

Trust yourself, and your deeper needs. 

It'll all unfold in time.


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