By Terri Morehu, The Age of Unity

Attachments veil us from truth. Instead of addressing the fear often we can try to numb the pain and paradoxically the more we resist a feeling the more we give it space and lock it into our lives. To release and transform it is to turn around and love it. Then we see through the illusion; that really our shadow is our wounded self in disguise. This aspect needs to be loved back into the light. 


On the journey through consciousness we must remind ourselves that our crucifixion always leads to resurrection. We must continue to come off the cross of suffering and stop substituting healing and intimacy with the artificial and superficial. If we surrender to the truth of ‘what is’ then by the Grace of God through surrendering our suffering we are led to greater wisdom. 

Buddha said “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional,” and it is true. We may not be immune to outside forces yet we can choose how we will respond to them.


For these are holy moments for us to cultivate peace amongst the chaos within ourselves. Opportunities to help bring us into mastering our many contradictions. Spiritual crisis is an emotional awakening, there to assist us with improving our lives and helps us expand our capacity to love and to be love. As the Aborigines say, “We are learning how to survive infinity.”


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