By Robert Adams - T.117: Three Precepts For Self Realization

Life is very short in this body and all of the things 

you're going through will soon come to an end. 

If you have not made any spiritual headway 

you will be under the delusion of karma. 

And you will return again and again in a delusory body form 

going through many experiences that appear real to you.


The only way for it to come to an end is to give it all up now. 

Make up your mind that this is going to become the year for you 

to totally become realized. To awaken totally.

And by following the three precepts as outlined, 

this will happen to you faster than you can breath, 

if you allow it to.


Do not allow the world to run your life. 

Do not let the world fool you.

All this is an illusion.

Be yourself. Know yourself. 

Realize that you are Brahman, the pure awareness. 

Your nature is pure consciousness 

and one day you will have to awaken. 

So why not begin now. Why wait?

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