By Ray Rolando

Cherished one, if you believe you are stuck, or not exactly where you are supposed to be, it is time to elevate your spirit to love. You might ask how exactly to do this. Our response is quite simple. You need to have a desire, a drive, a motivation, a real intent to change the lens through which you look... and then change it... on your breath.

You see, when you choose love, hope, peace and stillness in the face of fear, hopelessness, distress and chaos, you literally rise above, or lift yourself out of, those denser energy systems and into a lighter reality.

It is from this lighter reality that you may create more of it. The reason is because when you use your breath, your inhale specifically pushes down the diaphragm, which then pushes aside the negative neural network-based commands your brain sends to your body from the negative-thinking pathways. It then re-charges your cells with oxygen, bringing in hope, elasticity, and increased neuroplasticity. Your exhale then specifically removes the old "carbon matters" from your system by purging your breath.

Folks, this is exciting! You are finally ready to hear and understand this. Look at your dictionary's definition of what science is finally beginning to connect from spirit:

"Neuroplasticity: the capacity for continuous alteration of the neural pathways and synapses of the living brain and nervous system in response to experience or injury."

What this means is that when you change what you are experiencing by changing your breath and your focus, your brain changes also! From your own heart, you have to simply decide to love yourself enough to "take that breath". What you are experiencing is literally real to you because you are breathing it. So breathe into something different and elevate to love.

You deserve this, and you should know it works for everything. So give it a go with regularity and change your world!

With so much love in our hearts for you.

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