By Paul Weinfield

It’s important to distinguish between the heart and the personality. In my life, I’ve known many difficult people whose hearts were beautiful and pure. And I’ve known many people who were easy to get along with, yet lacked loyalty or integrity. 

What separates the heart from the personality is, in the end, is consistency: the heart is where we experience a love that is not subject to conditions, likes and dislikes, or the alterations of time. 

And if you want to find that kind of love in your heart and in your life, you have to surround yourself with people whose love is that consistent, regardless of their quirks, beliefs, or looks. 

You may have to tolerate some bullshit to love such people — yours and theirs — so be careful about thinking you’re giving up “what doesn’t serve you” when you’re just obeying the demands of your ego. The ego that wants things to be easy is the same ego that keeps you up at night wondering what others think of you. It doesn’t matter what others think of you. 

Your job is to love the people in your life, without exception, in the shape of a circle that does not start or end because of personality. If a heart is pure, you will never regret launching your boat into its waters.

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