By Melissa Haynes

Have you ever had a dream that got away?


Have you ever wanted to do something—paint sunsets, sing opera, run marathons, design skyscrapers—but stopped yourself before you even tried because it wasn’t realistic, practical or, in line with what your family/friends/co-workers expected of you?


When we shelve our dreams, the human experience runs the risk of feeling more like a life sentence of obligations.


Sometimes we believe our dream has to be huge and world-changing, or at the very least net us millions of dollars so it has the stamp of society approval on it.


Whether you’re moving mountains, or just moving mountains of elephant dung, a dream is still a dream, and it’s yours.


The shadow of regret is only ever a decision away; we can keep it at bay by having the courage to play with our dreams.


So how do we play?


P – Give yourself permission to pursue possibilities and reshape your dreams to meet your current reality.


L – Lay low. Don’t feel like you have to tell everyone what you’re going to do. Tell them what you did, that way you won’t be bogged down by other’s fears and doubts. Not everyone will be your cheerleader.


A – Acknowledge your fears and doubts. When they appear, it means you’re doing something that’s meaningful to you, otherwise fear wouldn’t bother showing up.


Y – Why not? You deserve to play, to discover and uncover those things and experiences that make your heart beat a little faster. You are worthy because you were gifted the gift of life.


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