By Marco Loper

The Real Self is the awareness behind your thoughts, the consciousness that is able to observe and stay still while you are thinking.

If you become able to make the separation between your Mind Activity and your Awareness much bigger, then you are on the right path towards liberation.

Human Beings are immersed in a complex web of energies made also of Collective thought forms and the Mind acts often as a receiver, so you think you are producing your thoughts while you are actually listening this web.

For example one of the strongest thought forms in circulation is the fear of Being rejected or abandoned.

So you have to be really brave and strong to fight against this Collective fear, that comes from the wounded ego.

You have to accept yourself so completely that you become not afraid of being rejected or abandoned.

It's the only way you can set yourself free.

The same applies with every emotion that involves Being influenced by Collective thought forms.

You have to find the emotional response (acceptance of self in this case) useful to overcome the negative thought form and heal the collective consciousness.

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