By Karen Star

As soon as we start compromising our truth, we can feel it in our body...


Tune in and listen...


We feel uncomfortable 

We feel unworthy

We feel constrained 

We feel powerless


Our stomach knots

Our throat restricts

Our voice wavers


That feeling of disharmony and emotional discomfort, is a result of the energy of our physical, mental and emotional bodies vibrating at a different frequency to that of our truth


Whenever we are in a position where we are choosing to not speak our truth, for whatever reason, we are coming from a place of fear


Fear is at the lower end of the emotional frequency scale


Truth comes from the vibration of love

Which is at the highest end of the emotional frequency scale


The resulting difference in frequency is the cause of the energetic conflict within our bodies...


Literally 'dis-harmony', as all frequency is sound

It will result in 'dis-ease' if allowed to continue chronically


Feel the difference between speaking your truth and compromising your truth


Energy never lies

You know your truth by the way it feels.


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