By Juliet J Carter

"From the beginning of this journey people have lamented the sense of isolation it can bring, no longer resonating with friends and ways in which they used to enjoy socialising. Those who choose the shamanic path of moving into lucidity know it's not about fitting in...about being pessimistic or's being the mystic. Often needing to live "outside the village "

Those who accuse you of being negative, see your ability to be 'lucid without prejudice' as a direct insult to their belief systems; they make the mistake of thinking you are "against" something when in fact the process of being "for" your truth creates the side affect of seeing the delusions that maintain the lies that stabilize this fear based paradigm. They see the instinct to disengage from socialized spiritual circles as you separating from them, when actually you are simply unifying with your true self.

There is nothing elitist about awakening to what is happening on this planet. It does not create separation. It brings a more authentic connection to others through an expanded capacity for compassion as you gain an extensive knowledge of that which your fellow Humans are suffering through. The friends you find yourself in the company of are true."

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