By Judith Kusel

We are on this planet, in this body but for the wink of an eye.

Some of us are masterpieces in the making - yet never have courage to step out and Be!

Others have genius - but their genius is controlled by the institutions who do not allow them to step out and be different!

Yet, true authenticity will always show or reveal itself by the courage to stand up for what it believes in - even if ridiculed and persecuted - never understood!

Some simply are the ones who go about their daily lives - and somehow just manage to survive. They are good people - nothing wrong with that - yet they never question or ask. Theirs is not the frame of mind that wants to ask questions - nor wonder about existence. They believe what they are told - they conform to the norms of society - which often boxes people into boxes they never fit into!

It is mostly the ones who rebel - who simply do not fit into boxes - that in the end have the courage to step out and follow the beat of their own drum! Some simply have no choice - as society rejects them in any case! In most ways this serves the soul, as the soul is then forced to look within
for its inner strength and its connection to the Divine Source….


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