By Joel Clemons

When life happens, we can often feel overwhelmed, that we need someone or something to save us from our situation. But the truth is that we CAN cope and save our self as long as we believe in who we are inside and what we are capable of. It's when we stop believing that we lose our strength and our hope and desperately look outside ourselves for help. It's much like being in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean but then jumping overboard and swimming away from the boat and calling out for someone else to save you. You don't need to be rescued from your life, you only need to learn how to steer it in the right direction, have the courage to follow your heart and have faith in yourself to get through stormy weather.


Understand that your real power comes from taking responsibility for your own choices in life. When you realize that your life, your story, is no one's responsibility but your own, then you will try harder to make it into what you want it to be and to live it on your own terms. Pride in ownership. What you need are the tools to know how to cope and how to build. Seek guidance and support but understand that real hope comes from having faith in yourself that you are stronger than your circumstances and that you can and will emerge victorious.




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