By Jeff Foster

In truth, no relationship has ever 'ended', not by death, divorce, or break-up. 


In reality, no two people have ever 'broken up', ever. That is just a story we tell. We only ever 'break up' with outdated images of each other, with our own ideas of what we should or could or might have been, with past and future hopes and plans, with our own misperceptions and illusions, with "dreams of a future that was never going to happen anyway". 


We break up with a narrative that is no longer serving us, that's all. Relationship, like life, never really ends; it simply evolves, changes form and shape. Love knows no location in space or time, and it cannot end, for it is the force that binds. What we are can never be broken up or down. The heart does not understand death nor separation. 


We are One, broken, and unbroken still.


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