By Jason Hine

Wisdom isn't found through strength, power, capability, competence or effectiveness. It won't descend from heaven, its not found in a textbook, you won't find it working out in the gym and it won't be delivered to you by Tony Robbins. Wisdom is not found in the domain of accepted or acceptable knowledge at all. It is not acceptable at all and is here to bring the catastrophe to the acceptable. Wisdom is here to bring the downfall of what we know. It is found in the aberrant, the abject, the incongruous, the uncanny, the wild, the bestial, the grotesque, the unusual, the deformed, the strange, the bizarre and the unwanted. There is more wisdom in being consumed than consuming. Wisdom is found in weakness. Wisdom is found in ineffectiveness, unknowing, uncertainty, incompetence, incapacity and powerlessness. Incidentally, this is perhaps why we need to listen to those who are downtrodden or cast out of our culture. Also its why the powerful fear the powerless, because the powerful secretly know the powerless possess the secret wisdom they long for. Strength, power, capacity, knowledge, competence and so on can be used to share or disseminate wisdom, once a person has got it, but they are less effective in gaining wisdom. Gaining power, competence strength and effectiveness can be a useful and laudable goal, but it may be important to also to stay in touch with your weakness, nothingness, incapacity, ineffectiveness, unknowing as well, as this where life fountains up and the unforeseen unimaginable catastrophically ecstatic new creation or new vision that we need will emerge.

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