By Humberto Braga

No matter how spiritually “woke” we may think we are, we still have deeper issues which can only be worked out within the context of relationship. Left alone, we settle in to comfortable patterns that limit the range of our emotional awareness and personal expression. However, once we step out of our comfort zone and open up to others, previously unnoticed/ denied aspects of ourselves begin to emerge.

At first, they make waves in the calm waters of our hearts, evoking passion and excitement. But when we let them in deeply enough, it’s like stirring up a pool of still water - all the heavy and messy things which settled at the bottom of our awareness are forced to emerge to the surface. When our otherwise hard-to-reach issues get stirred up for us to look at, we have an opportunity to embrace these fragmented parts of ourselves, to become more integrated and whole. This is a blessing in disguise, albeit a challenging one.

Intimate relationships demand a depth of intensity and vulnerability which is the fuel for both transcendent passion and crippling conflict. This is why many esoteric teachings point to the “polar couple/ twin flame” archetype as the most powerful of alchemical unions. Intimate relationships have the potential for astoundingly accelerated transformation. Whether that transformation leads to conscious evolution or unconscious sabotage depends entirely on each person’s individual state of Being.

If you and your partner aren’t engaged in sincere, deep, holistic self-work, there can only be 2 outcomes for this kind of relationship. Either you and your partner will settle in to a relatively comfortable but very limited relationship of matrix-based pleasures and pursuits where your dysfunctions harmonize, but leave little room for expansion of the soul… OR… the relationship will dissolve to make way for something greater in your life. This is the case with the vast majority of relationships in the world, which is why people are often so dissatisfied in relationships. However, if you and your partner are committed to nurture the healing alchemical fire within each other, the richness of this kind of relationship is extraordinary!

But be warned! It would be best if you’ve both prepared yourselves individually beforehand through many years & many methods of self-work because this kind of relationship will test you like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The fire from this kind of love burns away everything that is not love. You will be forced to face your demons AND your partner’s, because true love doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you need.

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