By Dr. Nancy Ash, Executive Director of the NewEarth University

Love is the root of learning.

Without it we are lost.

In a dismal sea of marginality, education needs a complete reset of its unhealthy default button: lack of love.

The old-paradigm system of learning is comprised of many great teachers (I know a few) that want change, and are now moving away from dysfunctional ways of teaching. They are not alone. As more and more folks are consciously awakening, the need for a major shift in education (at all levels) is happening. Hallelujah.

My opening statement bears repeating, as it’s that vital: Love is the root of learning.

Generally, the roots of modern education (the last 50 years or so) have been starved for nourishment – the soil is parched. But there are new pathways starting to flourish, new roots growing in love, sprouting centers for planetary unification. These online and on-site learning spaces are stewarded by devoted change-makers teaching and researching new ways of being for the benefit of all.

So, there is light at the end of this tunnel where the trees grow to magnificent heights.

But let’s get real… and “talk turkey” as the present situation is stale. The old educational stance was grounded in a lack of love. Without it we ARE lost. And it’s time for a transcultural exchange of the heart. It’s time for the educational system to be torn down and rebuilt from the shear love of learning (and teaching) and from the roots of Self-love, love for planet and all beings.

As educators, how can we truly teach anything of value if the system has been rooted in self-loathing, self-pity and false light? Let’s face it… as awakening Souls to the Pure-Truth, we’ve realized that most of what we learned in school is a lie and the overall framework of education was to dumb-us-down into a subservient lifestyle following a farcical plan that the government said (and still says) is good for us. That has produced sub-par education during the past decades and it’s getting worse in the United States, in fact it is becoming downright dangerous – and, deadly.

A mentor (my cherished ministerial teacher) shared years ago that THE main problem in our world is that most people do not love themselves… or even like themselves.

Wow, there’s truth in that, huh?

Learning to love ourSelves is a most important teaching, a pith instruction for emanating love, kindness and compassion to all sentient beings. Patterned in Divine Love, we naturally rest in our true nature, which is vast as the sky, bright as light and open as space, itself.

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