By Daniel Nielsen

In an intimate relationship, two people who practice genuine unconditional love will always be gentle in handling each other’s heart.

Everyone has some emotional scars and wounds that need healing.
Even if it’s a small injury, the best environment for dealing with it is in the arms of the one you love.

If there are issues that have surfaced and need to be resolved, do so by communicating openly and lovingly.

Don’t judge your partner for being who they are. That’s not love.
Accept them as the unique person you have fallen in love with.

Always remember … the issues that cause YOU to react are never your partner’s problem. They are YOURS.
And they are sent to you as a gift.
Take responsibility.
Ask yourself why they trouble you.
Then go within to find the answers in your own soul.

When you can do that, you will begin to see the solution with new eyes.
Change only happens when YOU become the change.

The ways of love are a mystery but not unknown to those who practice soul-deep loving.

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