By Caroline de Lisser

There is an active partner of “letting go,” it’s called “replacement,” if you want to release unconscious habits and fear based behavior, consciously replace that behavior with the opposite conscious choice.

This is a willful choice and it comes from the desire to live the way of love and unity...

The beauty of this choice is that it feeds the integrity of your soul.


In order to practice this, you have to live in self witness so that you are very aware of your thoughts, feelings and you're ensuing reactions…

So for instance, when you feel threatened by another’s accomplishments and the temptation is to compete with that person, you make the decision to promote or compliment their greatness instead...


If you feel threatened by another persons actions because you feel that it will threaten an attachment that is fear based and you are tempted to try to manipulate and control the situation to allay your fear, you willfully “let go” and allow the situation and allow that person the freedom to be and do what is right for them...


When the temptation is to hoard and grab for your self,

you give generously instead,


When the temptation is to shun someone and put them down,

you speak kindly instead.


The list is endless but each person has their own fears that rule their behavior in an unconscious way and choosing actions to protect your fears from happening will never cure feelings of inadequacy, those choices will enhance them instead.


When you rise above those behaviors and you witness the abundance and the appreciation coming back to you and you feel good about your own ability to transcend your fears, feelings of inadequacy disappear naturally and you find yourself living in a state of love and grace.


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