By Brigit Anna McNei

You saw the look in their eyes when you told them your good news; a flicker of disappointment washed over their face, and it wilted the tender flowers, freshly grown from your soul. 

Suddenly becoming uncomfortable in your beauty you turned your face to the floor, trying to cover your gold and your rise.

It is time you realise that some people you know will want you to fail. 

Unfortunately too many people wish for a friends downfall rather than hope for their growth. 

Rise and shine anyway my darling. 

For their actions aren’t really about you; they are tangled within their own tightness and shame; Imprisoned by the concrete of their fears.

Keep planting your medicine plants within you, as they will surely spread seeds of hope within this human landscape, and give others permission to shine too. 

You cannot change the people around you, you can only keep mending, healing and planting for you. 

And just like the bees that are attracted to the pollen of wild beauties, so too, will you attract those who honour your shine. 

So stand tall and inhabit your aliveness, be proud of what you are, 

be proud of your precious growth that you have tended and cared for so lovingly.

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