By Ara Campbell

"She was complicated in her simplicity, she knew this.

She was the type of girl who smelled of sandalwood and open fields after a long Summer rain; intoxicating, fresh and simple to take in with a depth that seeped into the very soul. She didn’t need to be saved only to be stood by and loved deeply while she saved herself.


Her heart bled poetry whose tomes were unread none having the eyes to see the words written there. Yet there was a humor in her that danced freely and oh how she loved to laugh.


She was at once a mystical journey into the heart of the Earth and the calm found in the fading light of sunset.


She was like a moonless sky; dark , deep and eternal.

Upon her skin a blanket of stars was scattered to be traced by knowing fingers, but who would take the time to search those skies? She was naive and didn’t understand the games so many played unversed and unknown in their tricky ways.


She longed to have a counterpart and not merely be entertainment or distraction. She ached to be chosen but not by all, only by one." 


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