By Ara Campbell

Dear Conscious Man,

"Thank you for loving that I am unapologetically strong, wild and fiercely free and for never trying to tame me. Trying to clip my wings would kill me faster than a thousand daggers ever could. Thank you for riding with me during all the storms that threaten our shores. Thank you for being a true partner and a best friend.

Thank you for never giving me excuses and lies when you know I’m smart enough to see through anything veiled falsely. I know being present with what’s going on isn’t always a picnic, but I thank you for valuing this place and being here with me.

Thank you for not hiding and for not closing the pathways that lead to deep conversation, deep love and deeper healing. Thank you for seeing the medicine that exists in the raw openness of this divine dance we co-create.

I know that sometimes things on this path dive us deep into contrast and are not for the faint of heart, bringing shadows to light and darkness to our eyes. Thank you for standing here through it. Thank you for working through the unconsciousness alongside me and expanding to places that we could once only have dreamed of."



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