By Alex Rice

As you develop and live a more authentic life, you peel away the layers of your mask, which has long concealed your true nature.

You will become almost unrecognisable to both yourself and others. 

You will no longer resonate with those around you, naturally drifting from connections that do not serve your highest interest.

You will be thrust into a cocoon of loneliness where you will feel trapped, convincing yourself that life outside the cocoon is no longer for you. 

You will begin to feel like an alien on your own planet.

Embrace the solitude. 

This is a necessary part of the journey where you can spend valuable time in deep introspection, developing the relationship you have with yourself.

Do not fall into the trap of feeling like you will be lost and alone forever. 

This is a common symptom when one feels isolated and misunderstood.

Trust that there are others just like you, walking a similar path

Be patient.

There is a certain timing that the right people come into your life. 

Do not forcefully seek out compatible connections as you could spend a lifetime looking for someone that could be manifest in an instant.

Sure enough, as you increasingly align with your authentic self, you will begin to naturally attract those walking a similar path.

It is these people with whom you share greater destiny.

In an instant of meeting, it will feel as if you have known each other for many lifetimes.

There will be an indescribable feeling of comfort and belonging.

The natural affinity and resonance will make you feel as though you can speak without language. 

Nothing needs to be complicated. 

Nothing needs to be proven.

The trust has already been built, as if you have been communing in an invisible secret embrace.

These friendships last a lifetime as you will share a deeper connection and understanding, that neither time nor distance can break.


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